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August 18th 10 gallon bucket hat, via hayashisan
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Floating School

For the community of Makoko of Lagos, Nigeria, life on the water is nothing new. Prone to flooding, residents have dealt with encroaching waters for generations by building houses on stiltsand using canoes as their main source of transport. Nigerian-born architect Kunle Adeyemi has a vision for the city of 250,000 people that involves constructing a group of floating structures that have better access to sanitation, fresh water, and waste disposal. His first endeavor would be to build a three-story school held afloat by plastic drums.
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February 19th nevver:

Dictionary of Surrealism and the Graphic Image
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Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe
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She comes in colors
February 19th
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A home in Sweden.
Photo by Peter Carlsson for Hus & Hem.
February 11th
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Gary Simmons at Metro Pictures
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Burckhardt & Partner AG - Volta operations center, Rolle 2010. Photos (C) Thomas Jantscher.
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